125-Year Suffrage Anniversary: Aren't, Can't, Don't Documentary

In early 2018, Ruth Korver called me up to see if I wanted to work on a 2-part documentary series that was being produced by her for Storybox, a creative agency based in Wellington. It was funded by NZ on Air in partnership with the Spinoff.

When I first heard the pitch, I was apprehensive, how do you make a story about women who don't vote or can't vote interesting. After some long discussions, I got on board with the project and we both dived in headfirst. Then we got Director Zoe Macintosh and D.O.P Tammy Williams on the crew and we were confident that this project was going to be something special. 

We found and interviewed some incredible women from around the country,  it was a mix of experts, academics and lived experience participants, who shared some deeply personal stories with us. As with all documentary projects, it was a great learning process for us. In the editing, it was important to us to respect their stories and voices, as they had spoken about not being heard in the past, this was their time to be heard!

In the post-production period we were lucky to work with editor Trinity Ludlow-Hudson, we licensed some music from Rhiain Sheehan, through his label LOOP and we also got a sound mix done all within the budget. The timing of the whole project was incredible with the day of the Spinoff release falling on the 125 year anniversary of the first actual voting day for women.

You can watch the Aren't, Can't, Don't series on the Storybox website here.