Mentoring Film Students

Scots College celebrated their 100 year centenary with an event that was in planning for 2 years.

All the Scots Old Boys were invited, past and present staff and any friends of the college to the weekend celebrations.

The Scots College film students were enlisted to interview, film and edit together a 5 minute documentary around the themes of memories and reconnecting.

The brief was tricky - the project needed to be student led, the event was fast approaching and time was limited.

To create a plan that all involved could work too, pre-production sessions were run to discuss roles, equipment, interview questions and outcomes.

We ran a technical session where interviewing techniques and camera work were workshopped.

The old boys started arriving on the Friday evening with some travelling a long distance to attend.

The students had a great weekend filming the event and interviewing the participants. Students approached old boys, mothers, teachers and current students. With some students doing the interviewing, others operating the camera and sound equipment, while others were helping with equipment and the release forms. It was a team effort!

It was an enjoyable experience for the boys because of the fast pace, they were thrown in the deep end and they rose to the challenge.

Watching the students interviewing people and gaining confidence, getting absorbed in their different roles was a rewarding experience for us and we are proud of their finished video.