Rock, Paper, Scissors

The original inspiration for Judgment Tavern came from an image in Director Dean Hewison's head.
It was an image of a young girl carrying her father's living head searching for his body.
When the script was awarded 90K funding by the NZ Film Commission, Dean had the opportunity to bring his vision to life. Twelve-year-old Nova Waretini Hewison was cast as the young girl.  Although Nova is Dean's daughter, we had worked with Nova before and we all had faith that she could perform in this role.
We interviewed Nova about the experience of acting in Judgment Tavern and what it was like working with her dad.
You play a tough little character in Judgment Tavern - tell us about her.  
She's gone through a lot with her father's head being cut off but I think that she has got a lot of motivation and patience and really just wants to prove she's strong.
Your dad wrote and directed Judgment Tavern - what was it like working together?
It's funny and it can be good sometimes when he knows what to say to me and what I will understand but I do think we got a bit mad at each other sometimes! 
What was your favourite part of the shoot?  
Probably playing little games with the crew like 'rock paper scissors' and 'shoot'!
What's it like being on a film set?   
Really awesome! It's really amazing when you walk on and look at all the set and how much work people have put in to do everything and when you start acting everything just seems so real, like you're not even acting anymore.
You've acted in quite a few projects now - what are your ambitions with acting?  
I just want to keep acting and maybe one day be in something big!
Why should people watch this film?   
Because it's different to most films and makes you think!
Here is a short clip of Dean and Nova's speech at the Sydney Premier of Judgment Tavern - Grab your tissues!