Trip on the Whanganui Awa

I was in Oriental Bay trying to get a glimpse of the infamous Southern Right Whale that was camping out in Wellington Harbour when I saw a facebook post on my phone. 

It was from Lee Williams (who I hadn't met yet), Lee was looking for a photographer to join their group on an exciting mission on the Whanganui Awa that weekend. I jumped on the opportunity and sent Lee a message and next minute we were talking on the phone. The next day, I was in my car driving up to Whanganui. I have always wanted to see what it was like at the top of the Whanganui Awa and this was an opportunity to do just that. 

When I arrived in Whanganui, I met all the Trustees involved in the project, they had a large plot of land up the river that they were developing into a camp for youth to learn bush and river skills. This was an opportunity to get some great photos of the Trustees on the site for their website.

The next day we were driving in several cars to the end of the road and then took two jet boats 40-minutes up the river.

The scenery was truly breathtaking and it felt like I was transported back to pre-colonial times, there was no sign of human habitation, except for the odd pole sticking out of the riverbank that was used for the ferries. Because it was winter, the river was deserted and we didn't encounter a soul.

We arrived at the site for the camp and spent the day there sitting around the fire and walking around in the bush. 

We had cups of tea, a yummy kai and lots of chats about the project, including the aspirations of the Trustees.

When 4pm rolled around, it was time to head back down the river. I relished the opportunity to see the river views from the boat again.

It was an incredible trip and if you ever get the opportunity to see the top of the Whanganui Awa, I 100% recommend it!