Vaka in Wellington

A few months ago our good friend Kate Logan was asked to document a unique voyage for the Wellington Chocolate Factory.

Kate spent four eventful weeks on the traditional ocean Vaka called Uto ni Yalo, sailing from Fiji to Vanuatu then onto Bougainville to pick up some Cacau beans. These cacau beans were destined to  be shipped back to Wellington to make into Bougainville chocolate.

Not a drop of fuel was used. 

I caught up with the Vaka and it's crew when they arrived in Mana Marina. Here are some of the photo's I took during their stop-over in Wellington.

Kate oiling the decks with the crew of Uto ni Yalo in Mana Marina.

Agnes gave up her promising sports career to pursue a sailing lifestyle on board traditional ocean Vaka.

Lambert Ho was the artist onboard the Vaka who also cooked delicious meals for the crew.

Uto ni Yalo arrives in Wellington Harbour and is greeted by Maori waka.

The Fijian community meet Uto ni Yalo as it arrives in Wellington City.

The cacau beans are delivered to the Wellington Chocolate Factory from the Vaka by bicycle.