Working with Child Cancer Foundation

We have been working hard with Child Cancer Foundation to produce three videos to help with their fundraising.

Michelle Berriman from Child Cancer Foundation was interviewed about her experience working with us on these personal stories.

What were your main concerns before making the video series for Child Cancer Foundation?
My main concerns before making the video series was being able to maintain the expectations of all the families as well as create the messaging that I wanted to get across to my audience. I was conscious that these were such a personal and private stories that I wanted the family to always feel comfortable with the direction and vision while at the same time getting the content that I knew would appeal to the people watching the video.

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from making these videos?
Not having enough money! Or the people to tell the stories. If the families did not like concept or the vision then it could not have happened. I also needed the subject to understand the reasons behind making the video. I also needed the families to be taking part for the right reasons too.

How did your organisation benefit from our services?
Our organisation benefited hugely from this experience, the response every time has been overwhelming. It has made a huge impact on the understanding of what we do here at Child Cancer Foundation. So many people have said until they watched the video they had no real idea about exactly how we helped families. After watching the video they have a much greater respect and understanding about why we do what we do and how we spend the much needed public donations. At a recent fundraising event where the video was premiered the fundraising income doubled previous years totals, it broke a national fundraising record making a spectacular $165,000. I truly believe we would not have made half of that if we had not made the video.

What specific process did you like most about working with Useful Media?
I enjoyed the whole process of working with Useful Media but one thing in particular was the communication, it was always open, honest and clear. I also appreciated the time that they took to meet the subjects prior to the filming, they made them feel comfortable and informed 100% of the time. They also had a great vision and ideas around cutaways and knowing what would work with each family.

Would you recommend Useful Media?
I would absolutely recommend Useful Media, they are a small but very professional company. Ruth and Vanessa make everyone feel at ease during filming, allowing people involved to relax and enjoy the experience. They are friendly, approachable, creative and fun to work with.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Although I knew the very basic vision/idea for the video I did not really have much creative ideas about how to tell the stories. This is why I chose Useful Media, I completely trusted their creative vision to turn my ideas into a reality, while at the same time maintaining my values and goals.

Watch the videos.