Candy Rose Music Video

She's a life-sized doll with a secret.

Candy Rose Music Video

She's a life-sized doll with a secret. Bought online by an introverted ‘boy next door’ who fantasises about meeting his dream woman, Candy Rose is everything he’s ever wanted. But she proves more than he bargained for in popular Wellington band Supermodel’s latest music video release, Candy Rose.


Funded by NZ on Air (Making Tracks)

Useful Media Production

Directed by Daniel Lynch 

Produced by Vanessa Patea and Daniel Lynch

VFX Supervisor - Darwin Go

Project News

Using the Serene

by Vanessa - 1 Nov 2015

We had a visit from David Paul from Camera Works, who lent our D.O.P Kirk Pflaum a Flowline Serene. 

The new piece of gear is the unit mounted on top of the Easyrig Arm with the spring system in it called a ' Serene' by Flowcine. The Serene was designed to help stabilise Movi/Ronin gimbals when they are used on an Easyrig ( the body harness/arm that kirk was wearing) plus to help smoother operating when hand holding the camera just with the easyrig and no gimbal. This was the very first shoot in NZ to use the Serene. Watch a clip of the Serene in action.

Timelapse of the Crew - Candy Rose

by admin - 16 Jul 2015

Candy Rose Music Video for Wellington Band Supermodel was shot in a disused studio in the heart of Naenae in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Our data wrangler and VFX artist, William Corcoran captured this great timelapse of the day with the crew in action.

Candy Rose Shoot from William Corcoran