How to Meet Girls from a Distance

Peeping tom rom-com 'How to Meet Girls from a Distance' is a funny and heartwarming feature film that looks at how far we go for a crush.

How to Meet Girls from a Distance

Get to know her... then meet her. Toby has always been unlucky with girls. Ever since getting stabbed in the throat after asking a girl out, Toby has resolved to learn everything he can about girls before meeting them. So he can become the man of their dreams. After faking yet another girlfriend, his mother takes matters into her own hands and signs him up with a dating coach.

Toby has finally found Phoebe. She's intelligent, enchanting and she's hot, everything Toby has been looking for. But this girl brings challenges that Toby hasn't had to face before including a boyfriend. Toby finds himself crossing lines he never thought he'd cross. Then there's the problem of how to keep her, without her finding out that he knows everything about her. How far would you go for a crush?

'How to Meet Girls From a Distance' is distributed in New Zealand and Australia by Madman Entertainment and has enjoyed a national theatrical release. Festival screenings include the 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival, the 2013 Festival de Antipodes in France (Winner: Grande Prix de Jury – Best Film), the 2013 22nd Golden Rooster and Hundreds Flowers Awards in China, the 2013 Hola AUNZ Film Festival in Mexico, the 2013 Beijing International Film Festival in China 2013 and the Cinema des Antipodes section of Cannes Cinephiles 2014.

You can watch the film on YouTube here.


Producer: Ruth Korver, Andrew Beattie

Executive Producer: Ant Timpson

Director: Dean Hewison

Writers: Dean Hewison, Richard Falkner, Sam Dickson

Production Manager: Vanessa Patea

Director of Photography/ Editor: Matty Warmington

Production Designer: Kate Logan

Costume Designer: Bonne Becconsalle

Makeup Designer: Allie Rutherford

Sound Editor: Joel Anscombe

Score composed by: Tane Upjohn Beatson, Richard Falkner

Distributor: Madman Films