All a Flutter

A whimiscial lyrical music video for Rhiain McGrath song - All of Flutter.

All a Flutter

This music video was directed by Ruth Korver and shot by Vanessa Patea it was filmed in collaboration with a talented five strong lady crew over the course of one day in a studio in Taita.


Producer/Director/Editor - Ruth Korver

DOP/Production Manager - Vanessa Patea

Art Director - Larissa McMillan

Gaffer - Daniela Conforte

Makeup - Fiona Sole

Wardrobe - Bonne Beconsall

SFX - Sam Harris

Production Stills - Tim Kelly and Nadine McGrath

Thanks to: Eugene and Hugo Beconsall

The Learning Connexion School of Art and Creativity

Matty Warmington at Kaboose Media