The rise, fall and redemption of Hip Hop artist KD Lok in a story of music, mental health and Māoritanga.



Brought up rough in foster homes and gangs, Matty Paparoa became ‘Loko’. After jail, he found notoriety as rapper ‘KD Lok’ before losing his daughter and being placed in the mental health system.

For the last seven years Matty has been homeless in a bush hut in Titirangi. Our seven-part video series Loko traces his journey to recover his past, reconnecting with his Māori identity and reigniting his music career.

Platform partner: NZ Herald



Producers: Vanessa Patea, Ruth Korver

Directors: Tom Reilly, Diego Opotowski

DOP: Diego Opotowski

Production: Silvia Valentina

Editor: Bridget Lyon

Post House: POW