Wellington HP48Hours

Running the national operations for the 2017 HP48Hours.

Wellington HP48Hours

Useful Media have always been big supporters of HP48hours. From entering in teams, to blogging the filming weekend, sponsoring the best actress award and now we are the Wellington City Managers and National Operations. HP48hours is a great training ground for filmmakers and it is a whole lot of fun.

Are you interested in HP48hours - Visit their website here.

Project News

HP48HOURS 2017

by Vanessa - 4 Sep 2017

Ruth and I have been working long hours to bring the HP48hours to filmmakers throughout the country. HP48Hours is a petri dish for film-making talent in New Zealand, from the train-wrecks to the champions, this creative competition puts our film-makers to the test. 

With 563 teams registered nationwide, we ran the national operations with Ant Timpson and we also ran the Wellington City part of the competition. 

Find out more about the competition here.

Ditha Angraini on Assistant Camera was from team Ahrjeebe filming in my basement over the shoot weekend.




Congratulations to Abby Damen!

by Vanessa - 1 Nov 2015

Abby Damen has won the Best Actress Award in the Wellington 48 hour film competition for 2014.

I captured this great pic with her and some of her team from Simo and Simmo (Simo, Hayden and Simmo) on the Sunday of the competition.

Useful Media is a proud sponsor of the 48 hour film competition and is partnering with Kelly Dare for the Wellington best actress award, a $500.00 prize.