Judgment Tavern

Judgment Tavern is a short film that was funded by the New Zealand Film Commision's Premiere Short Film Fund. It was written and directed by Dean Hewison, produced by Ruth Korver and Useful Media and is now online.
Sleeping Plot

The Sleeping Plot

The Sleeping Plot is the short journey of a young girl committing tiny crimes in innovative ways to earn money for something she really wants.

Tapu te Ranga Marae - Documentary

Six years in the making 'Tapu te Ranga Marae' is our latest documentary project premiered at the Doc Edge Festival, screened on Māori TV and featured on the Spinoff.
Vista Foundation 48Hours

Vista Foundation 48Hours

Ruth and I have been working long hours to bring the 48hours to filmmakers throughout the country. 48Hours is a petri dish for film-making talent in New Zealand, from the train-wrecks to the champions, this creative competition puts our film-makers to the test. 
The Inbetween

The Inbetween

The proof of concept for feature film The Inbetween is a paranormal drama written by Hamish Brown and directed by Biz Crummett.  
Going Home

Going Home

To celebrate the adventurous life of her late Uncle Clive, Ashley Williams takes a leap of faith and learns to fly.

Colonial Combat

Colonial Combat is an action-packed series that takes a laugh at our unofficial colonial history. It's a dog eat dog world, where colourful characters compete inside and outside of the ring. Tensions rise in Kauri Bay and when the storm settles who will be champion of Aotearoa?

Beyond the Battalion

An Anzac Day Special for Māori Television: Beyond the Battalion traces the footsteps of forgotten kiwi filmmaker Michael Havas.
Aren't Can't Don't

Aren't, Can't, Don't

This is the first of a two part documentary that explores why some women are still unable to vote and why it is so difficult for many others to feel like their voices matter.
Finding Loko

Finding Loko

The rise, fall and redemption of NZ Hip Hop legend KD Lok, aka Matty Paparoa. Straight Outta Compton meets Searching for Sugarman in a story of music, mental health and Māoritanga.