Useful - /ˈjuːsfʊl,ˈjuːsf(ə)l/
Adjective - able to be used for a practical purpose or in several ways. (Useful af).

We love making creative content. We know how to tell great stories, how to get value for money and large or small we can make it happen.

We have experience producing content for web, documentaries, feature films, short films, music videos and have screened our work to international audiences. 

We provide production services to other producer/directors, create videos for clients and develop projects in collaboration with writer/directors.

As long as there’s a compelling story, we’re into making it happen. 

Image of Vanessa Patea

Vanessa Patea

I’m a Māori director/production manager with a love of documentary.

I’m a ninja-like problem solver and can take a beautiful photograph. I’ve got an arts background and have worked in film and web and I’m also an experienced social media marketer.  

I am repelled by buttons but don’t let that make you feel uncomfortable.

See some more of my video work here and my photography work here.

Image of Ruth Korver

Ruth Korver

I am a hands-on creative producer. I’ve worked in everything from web to features to TV and love the process of bringing a story to life.

My background includes an MFA, teaching at an art school, directing documentaries, shooting and editing, account management and event management. This has given me a breadth of experience in wrangling all kinds of creative projects and teams.

I'm softly spoken so lets not try and talk anywhere noisy.

Check out my work on Vimeo.