We are specialists in drawing out people’s stories through our engaging and inspiring videos. We create personal narratives so your organisation can share your stories with the world.

Useful Media is our production company based in Wellington, New Zealand. It is a collaboration between Producer/Director, Ruth Korver and Production Manager/Photographer/Director, Vanessa Patea. We have been involved in a huge range of moving image work from creative to corporate, and have experience producing documentaries; a feature film; short films; music videos; and web videos.

We love working with creative people whether it is on our own projects or producing for someone else. We also have a strong team we collaborate with to bring these projects to screen.

Image of Ruth Korver

Ruth Korver

"Good storyteller's inspire."

Check out my work on Vimeo.

Image of Vanessa Patea

Vanessa Patea

"How you frame things, is how you see things."

See some more of my video work here and my photography work here.